Winning the Game & Tool Time

Winning the Game & Tool Time are among the most popular workshops ever offered by University of Minnesota Extension and the Center for Farm Financial Management. These award winning, half-day workshops offer every grain producer the chance to develop a marketing plan and hone their decision-making abilities. Winning the Game workshops focus on writing and executing a marketing plan. Tool Time workshops focus on the pricing tools needed to execute a marketing plan. These workshops are always up-to-date and available upon request.

Winning the Game

Winning the Game: Launch Your Pre-harvest Marketing Plan – Examine the key elements of a solid marketing plan, and learn how crop insurance, target prices and decision dates can work together in a pre-harvest marketing plan. Execute a marketing plan in a realistic market-simulation game.

Winning the Game: Launch and Land Your Post-harvest Marketing Plan – Learn how to size-up the market after harvest, and write a post-harvest marketing plan. Execute a post-harvest marketing plan in a realistic market-simulation.

Tool Time

Tool Time for Pre-harvest Marketers – What pricing tools are available to grain marketers before harvest? This workshop examines the pros and cons of six different pricing tools involving forward, futures and options contracts. Test drive the tools in a fast-paced marketing game.

Tool Time for Post-harvest Marketers – This workshop examines the pros and cons of pricing tools used by producers after harvest. Learn what it means to “sell the carry” and explore smart ways to use futures and options. Use the tools in an exciting market simulation.