Financial management is important for every farm and ranch, but it is not necessarily an easy task. FINPACK is the premier tool available to help make this farm job easier.

FINPACK helps you:

  • Develop cash flow projections so you can estimate your peak operating loan needs and when you will be able to make payments.
  • Evaluate your income and expenses, to assess the profitability of each enterprise in your operation and whether each is contributing to your bottom line.
  • Calculate your net worth and how much it is changing each year.
  • Evaluate the financial impact of major changes before investing money to determine if they are feasible.

FINPACK allows you to take charge of your finances.  With FINPACK, you can go to your lender with the financial documents and knowledge you need to make an impression and get the credit you need.

FINPACK is not a record-keeping system. FINPACK provides the tools to analyze and assess these numbers. This gives you a competitive financial edge, as you make sense of the numbers and put them to work in your operation.

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