FINPACK Training for Lenders

Learn FINPACK from the people who created FINPACK

Our fast-moving training sessions give participants hands-on experience, covering all of the components of FINPACK with a focus on credit analysis of both agricultural and commercial businesses.

Agricultural Credit Analysis

  • Balance sheets
  • Earned Net Worth Analysis
  • Schedule F Cash to Accrual Analysis
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Risk rating & Presentations

Commercial Credit Analysis

  • Balance sheets
  • Tax forms / Income Statement
  • C & I Business Analysis
  • Global Cash Flow Analysis
  • Commercial Real Estate Analysis
  • Risk rating & Presentations

If you can’t make it to our live training, try out FINPACK Online Training.

FINPACK Training for Lenders


Look for the next Lender training in May 2021

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 FINPACK Training for Educators & Producers was held virtually. We held five sessions over two weeks, with each session covering a specific part of FINPACK. The sessions covered:

Day 1 – Balance Sheets
Day 2 – Review Balance Sheets; Financial Analysis
Day 3 – Review Financial Analysis; Cash Flow Projections
Day 4 – Review Cash Flow Projections; Commercial Spreads and C&I
Day 5 – Review Spreads and C&I; CRE, Global Cash Flow and Wrap-Up