Grain Marketing is Simple (it’s just not easy)

The 2nd Edition is here!

When “Grain Marketing is Simple” was released in 2007, Edward Usset broke new ground with a different approach to grain marketing. Much has changed in the past eight years, and the 2nd Edition aims to address these changes. Grain production costs and prices doubled, a new farm bill is in place and the Second Golden Age of American Agriculture ended. The time is right to return to the basics of grain marketing, with a common sense approach to developing  pre- and post-harvest marketing plans.

This is not a textbook – your typical textbook would not illustrate marketing plans with celebrity producers like May Sellers and Hank Holder, or explore the value of options with Peter Paperfarmer. The chapter on pricing tools is entirely new, as are a few characters to help illustrate the simple – but not easy – aspects of marketing. This book is a must-have resource for grain producers and ag professionals with an interest in grain markets and marketing.

Ed helped developed the “Winning the Game” series of grain marketing workshops and “Commodity Challenge,” an online marketing game that features real-time cash and futures quotes. “Grain Marketing is Simple” complements and expands on the common sense approach featured in “Winning the Game” and “Commodity Challenge.”

About the book

The book is divided into five major parts:

  1. Five Common Mistakes in Grain Marketing
  2. Pre-Harvest Marketing Plans
  3. Post-Harvest Marketing Plans
  4. Pricing Tools
  5. Pulling it Together

You will learn: 

  • How a different approach to marketing can help you find the dime (or more)
  • Five common mistakes in marketing
  • How to develop and implement a pre-harvest marketing plan
  • How to develop and implement a marketing plan after harvest
  • Price patterns before and after harvest
  • Price objectives and decision dates in a marketing plan
  • Fixed-price pricing tools
  • Minimum-price pricing tools
  • How to select the right pricing tool, before and after harvest
  • How to incorporate technical trading tools into your marketing plan
  • Size-up the market and write a post-harvest plan
  • Price and time driven exit strategies
  • Carrying charges and selling the carry
  • …and much more!

About the author

Edward Usset serves as a Grain Marketing Economist for the Center for Farm Financial Management at the University of Minnesota.

Working with his colleagues at CFFM and in extension, Ed developed the award winning “Winning the Game” series of workshops. In addition, he manages Commodity Challenge, an online marketing education game that uses real-time cash and futures data. He teaches “Commodity Markets” at the University.