Ag Professionals

FINPACK is the premier financial planning and analysis program used by farm management professionals.  FINPACK enhances your work with clients, helping them better understand their farm finances, leading to more informed management decisions.

Farm management professionals use FINPACK to help producers:

  • Develop cash flow projections to estimate peak operating loan needs and repayment capacity.
  • Evaluate income and expenses, to assess the profitability of each enterprise in the operation and determine whether each is contributing to the bottom line.
  • Understand the operation’s financial position, including metrics like working capital, net worth, and solvency. Financial trends can be evaluated annually to monitor the operation’s progress towards business goals. 
  • Evaluate the financial impact of major changes before investing money to determine feasibility. .

FINPACK is used by hundreds of educators, accountants, and consultants to help farmers better understand their farm finances.  Using FINPACK enhances the value of what you offer to the farmers or ranchers with whom you work.

FINPACK is not an accounting system; instead it provides the tools needed to put farm records to use to evaluate financial opportunities and make informed business decisions.

FINPACK data can easily be shared between professionals, producers and lenders to gain efficiencies for all, thus making the credit process quicker and easier.