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FINPACK Knowledge Base


    • Handling CCC Loan as Income in Sch F Cash to Accrual
      The Schedule F Cash to Accrual Analysis treats CCC loans as money borrowed in the year received. If the loan is reported as income for tax purposes, the analysis may show a cash discrepancy depending on how the tax preparer completes the Schedule F form. This document outlines some tips of how to track this down.
    • Sleuthing Cash Discrepancies
      There are often tricky situations where a year end analysis will not balance when it comes to cash in and cash out. Whether you are using the Schedule F Cash to Accrual Analysis or the Financial Analysis (FINAN) there are some common culprits to track down cash discrepancies.
    • Farm Finance Scorecard
      Guidelines for the Farm Financial Standards Council’s recommended financial ratios and measures.
    • FINPACK Labor Hour Estimates
      FINFLO calculates Cost of Production Estimates for crop and livestock enterprises. These calculations rely on labor hours in the budgets. This document summarizes labor hours for several crop and livestock enterprises from FINBIN which can be used in the budgets.


    • Consolidating Balance Sheets
      FINPACK allows users to consolidate the balance sheets or tax forms from several different data files into a consolidated file.
    • Importing Data from Another FINPACK File
      FINPACK allows users to import data from a different FINPACK data file into their current file. This feature allows the receiving file to add or import new data, without overwriting the remaining contents of the file.

Input Forms

    • Schedule F Analysis Input Form
      This is a blank input form for the Schedule F Cash to Accrual analysis to help collect information that is not found on the tax form.
    • Crop Budgets Input Form
      This is a blank input form to help collect information for crop budgets for a FINFLO monthly cash flow plan.
    • Livestock Budgets Input Form
      This is a blank input form to help collect information for livestock budgets for a FINFLO monthly cash flow plan.

Setup & Deployment

    • FINPACK QuickBooks Interface setup
      These are instructions to install the QuickBooks driver required for the FINPACK QuickBooks Interface, plus settings within QuickBooks to allow FINPACK access.
    • Configuring FINPACK User Roles
      In the Lender version of FINPACK, different user roles can be configured. The main distinction is users in the Analyst role can lock and unlock individual items in a data file. This document describes how to configure these roles within FINPACK.