Devin Brand

Devin Brand

Extension Economist

(612) 625-1964

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Devin Brand joined the Center for Farm Financial Management in the spring of 2022 as an
Extension Economist.

Devin was raised in a small but diverse farm family just south of the Twin Cities where they
raised dairy and beef cattle, laying hens, cash crops and produce and sold hybrid seed to other
farmers in the area.

He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business from South Dakota State University in
2019 and his Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from Kansas State University in 2021.
Throughout his studies, he spent time working for farm equipment dealerships, producer
organizations and professors, as well as studying agriculture abroad in France.

Prior to joining the Center, Devin worked as an Economist with the Kansas Farm Management
Association working one-on-one with farmers on analyzing their farm’s financial performance
and assisting with their income tax preparation.

Devin nerds out over anything agriculture or economics related, but his specific areas of
interests include agricultural finance, agricultural policy, dairy economics, farm financial
management, and macroeconomics.


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