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Grain Marketing Talks

Grain Marketing is Simple

Based on his book of the same name, Ed wants you to explore better ways to market grain with plans that minimize or eliminate mistakes. Up-to-date pre and post harvest marketing plans are presented in detail.

How can a task as difficult as marketing be simple? It can, and you will meet a number of celebrity grain producers who will illustrate the “simple” in pre- and post-harvest marketing. But marketing will never be easy because nothing is 100%. Come and explore the simple (but not easy) aspects of pricing grain. We will also learn why, in the age of ethanol, your marketing efforts are more important than ever.

Come and explore a different approach to grain marketing.

Celebrity Squares Search for a Pre-harvest Advantage

Early sales may be our best sales in grain marketing. Can we find 10 cents or more in a committed plan to price grain before harvest?

Helping us in the search for a pre-harvest advantage will be our celebrity players – Grandma, Barney Binless, Terry Timer, Justin Price and others - each representing a different approach to pre-harvest marketing. Will you recognize yourself among our celebrities searching for a pre-harvest advantage? Can we take what we learn from the celebrities and write a better plan for our own operation?

The search for a pre-harvest advantage is about helping producers make better pricing decisions before harvest.

Celebrity Squares Take the Post-harvest Challenge

"To store or not to store?" is the question after harvest.

How would you size up your opportunity for storage? We look for answers in seasonal price patterns, carrying charges, and understanding the perils of holding grain in storage too long. Taking a post harvest challenge will be celebrity players - Barney Binless, May Sellers, Hank Holder and more - each representing a different approach to grain marketing. How did they do in the challenge? Will you recognize yourself among our celebrities taking the post-harvest challenge?

The post-harvest challenge is aimed at helping producers make the most of storage opportunities after harvest.

Five Common Mistakes in Grain Marketing

Explore a different approach to marketing, as Ed identifies common mistakes in grain marketing such as the reluctance towards pre-harvest marketing and holding grain in storage too long. Discover that great marketing is not predicting price direction, but eliminating mistakes in our pricing decisions.

Come and learn how eliminating mistakes can create a solid foundation in the development of pre and post harvest marketing plans.


Grain Marketing Talks

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