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  • Consolidating Balance Sheets
  • FINPACK allows users to consolidate the balance sheets or tax forms from several different data files into a consolidated file.

  • Importing Data from Another FINPACK File
  • FINPACK allows users to import data from a different FINPACK data file into their current file. This feature allows the receiving file to add or import new data, without overwriting the remaining contents of the file.

Input Forms

Setup & Deployment

  • FINPACK Vault documentation
  • These are instructions to configure the FINPACK Vault for use by farm business management instructors.

  • FINPACK QuickBooks Interface setup
  • These are instructions to install the QuickBooks driver required for the FINPACK QuickBooks Interface, plus settings within QuickBooks to allow FINPACK access.

  • Configuring FINPACK User Roles
  • In the Lender version of FINPACK, different user roles can be configured. The main distinction is users in the Analyst role can lock and unlock individual items in a data file. This document describes how to configure these roles within FINPACK.

  • FINPACK Deployment Options for Lenders
  • This paper describes the different options and best practices for FINPACK deployment options.

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