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Frequently Asked Questions about FINPACK Lite.

What is the difference between FINPACK and FINPACK Lite?

FINPACK Lite includes only the balance sheets and balance sheet trend components of FINPACK.

How many farms will my copy of FINPACK Lite support?

Just like the complete Personal Version of FINPACK, FINPACK Lite supports two farm data files.

Can I link an existing FINPACK data file with my new
FINPACK Lite software?

Yes. If you have access to a copy of your FINPACK data file from your lender or educator, you can edit existing balance sheets or make new balance sheets starting with a copy of an existing balance sheet (recommended).

If I have a copy of my existing FINPACK data file,
where do I put it?

In most FINPACK installations, copy it to your My Documents\FINPACK folder.

Can I exchange balance sheets between my FINPACK Lite software and my Lenders or Educator's FINPACK software?

Yes, both FINPACK Lite and the complete FINPACK software can import parts of FINPACK data files from one file to another. Copy the source FINPACK file to a flash drive or some other external source, insert it in the target computer, start FINPACK and go to File + Import. There are detailed instructions on importing data into FINPACK under Help + How do I...

Can FINPACK data files be emailed between myself and
my lender/educator?

Yes, but they are pretty big. It works best to use the File + Backup feature within FINPACK to compress the file before sending it. The recipient uses File + Restore to unzip the compressed file. For more help, click & read Emailing a FINPACK Data File (pdf).

How can I get help on specific questions when entering
data in FINPACK?

Use the detailed context sensitive help in FINPACK. Just press the F1 key.

Is training available on FINPACK?

CFFM offers both classroom and online training.

How can I learn more about the complete Personal Version

Go to To purchase, click Purchase Personal Version or call 1-800-234-1111.