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FINPACK for Ag Professionals

Financial planning and analysis software made simple

FINPACK’s origins are in education.  It was created to provide a tool to teach financial management and farm planning concepts through application on individual farms.  FINPACK provides tools to teach farm business analysis, cash flow planning, and long range financial planning, all in one software package.  Teach financial management while you help farmers and ranchers solve real world problems.

Today’s farm managers are often their own chief financial officer.  But few have any financial management training.  FINPACK teaches financial management through real world application.  It is not an accounting system; instead it provides tools to put farm records to use to evaluate financial opportunities and make informed decisions.

FINPACK for Professionals is used by hundreds of educators in Extension, farm business management programs, community colleges, and on university campuses. FINPACK for Professionals is also used by other ag professionals at accounting firms, consulting firms, and other private institutions. Ask about our "Computer Lab" version for classroom teaching.

FINPACK Features:

Balance Sheet

  • Easy to use
  • Better understand your finances
  • Track your financial position from year to year with trend reports
  • Share your data with educators and lenders who use FINPACK

Monthly Cash Flow (FINFLO)

  • Projects monthly cash flows, annual operating loan needs, repayment capacity, and inventory balances for the year, any portion of a year, or up to ten years

Annual Plan

  • Provides a complete cash flow with pro-forma accrual analysis for the planning year, when you don't need a monthly cash flow

Long Range Strategic Plan (FINLRB)

  • Helps evaluate the financial feasibility of your plans
  • Explores various alternatives and determine which options will generate the best financial returns

Financial Analysis (FINAN)

  • Analyzes your business to determine how much money your farm or ranch made last year
  • Complete accrual analysis of the business, including income statements, ratio analysis, and historical spreads
  • Detailed analysis of each entity on your farm or ranch

Income Statements & Tax Database

  • Documents business income and expenses, and provide a quick and easy source of historical financial performance

Historic Database

  • Tracks the performance of your farm business over time
  • Standard reports let you view balance sheets, net worth change, financial ratios and other measures for the years you have been using FINPACK

FINPACK requires Windows 7 or newer.


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